Wet Noodles in Fluffy Sauce

Vernissage: Wet Noodles in Fluffy Sauce 31.1.2019

at the Solution in Vinohradská 122

‘Wet Noodles in Fluffy Sauce’ is a group show is displaying generous works of Nicolas Prokop, Klara Debeljak and Liza, curated by Mark Divo and Isabell Alexandra M.



With an emphasis on organic forms and materiality, Nicolas Prokop’s sculptures and environments thrive on the tension between the apparent sequence of their social environment, the seductive beauty of their forms and the often sinister implications of their subject matter.
Prokop often gained fame when his talent was proofed in various forms of expression, especially in his emerging, unplanned music career as (DJ) Schaumstoff which was usually imposed during occasions like PRIAUM, Harmony and various rarely noticeable others. His sculptural tableau and installative practice introduced his trademark medium of found objects and plaster, while simultaneously establishing many of the important mediums – such as sound, performance and photography – that continue to underpin his work today.
Architecturally embedded in scale, the shown piece is a work of exacting soundscapes and is a monument to uncelebrated randomness. Prokop also worked collaboratively over a four-year period to realise light installations by the collective Gojo.

Liza makes paintings that shift randomly between expressionism and realities. Using a diverse range of oily methods and vivid compositions, her works are experiments on personalities, mess, impressions and transience.
The characteristics of Liza’s paintings lie in their unconscious development of an image, constructed by adding and confusing layers of paint to reveal passages of positive form and negative space. The process of application and confusion is evident through resolute colours and scrapes, and in doing so, the construction of the work emerges in rigorous and overwhelming syncopation. Liza’s approach to painting is largely epistemological, since she aims to capture momentary emotion rather than reality. Motifs slip in and out of focus, either fixed or caught in a blurred rush of movement. Backgrounds are overcrowded to leave ethereal traces like retinal after-images.

Prague-based artist Klara Debeljak works across a range of media and techniques, including painting, sleeping and installation. The easy-made is a recurring element in her practice, and her work is often assembled out of carefully chosen painting tools and surfaces, such as walls, floors, tires, tiling and tableaus. The artist overworks these discarded materials, transforming them into paintings and installations of layered simplicity.
Part of a generation in Ljubljana that grew up in a period of slowly accelerating urbanisation, Klara Debeljak has frequently turned to architectural and modern themes in her work. While she presents the technique of painting as a human and vital force, she often raises questions about contemporary artist’s lifes: the way they plan, build, consume and experience their realities.


Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 13.29.44.png

work by Nicolas Prokop


work by Liza

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