Rememberance disco for Motoracek 2006-2019

Rememberance disco for Motoracek (2006-2019) 6.8.2019



Bring flowers and dance!Motoracek will be with us-open coffin show-special guests: Rusenka and Lipo-Motoraceks two children living Prague!
Motoracek, dancer, and dog, born Jindrich u Hradec 5th May 2006, Soloist in the dance of the sugar Plum fairy 2008, died Cernocie 26 May 2019.
SHE PUT dog ballet dancing on the contemporary art map: she was a name known to people who never saw her; and she was so friendly , so sensually attractive to men and to women that a collective sigh arose at her each first appearance at any party or pub. The craving, the longing, were stirred by feats of canine athleticism, spectacular excitements in the solution at Ve smtkach or at Vinohradska, ardent love at the divo Institute in Kolin, Zürich, or as the The Sleeping Beauty in anybodys bed. Such scenes changed the public view of dogs in public places,pubs and even techno parties. Outside these projects, Motoracek, was exactly the same. Once I made a huge photograph of Motoracek in a ballet costume. It looked out on the boring neighborhood from a window of the solution on Krymska street in Prague 10, one of Pragues hipster areas. Gone now, the photograph recalled the solutions short stay in Vrchovice and Motoraceks impact upon them. At the same time gallerys across the europe showed other photographs of the dog in many costumes. ‚she is,’ wrote Margot Fonteyn, ‘not only an exceptional dancer but also a unique personality fortified by a lust for biscot unimaginable.’ She has a ‘haunted, untameable pride’, wrote Alexander Bland, the man, who, had he lived, could have written Motoraceks biography.Motoraceks two lives, one of them dedicated to dance, and the other to the consumation of biscot were fashioned by wealth, decadence and a realisation she was different from other dogs, an outsider. Difference was nourished by an unshakeable conviction from the side of her owner Mark Divo, that she would be moving towards the fixed destiny of a dedicated dancer. It was upheld by an exceptional physique and temperament for dance, underpinned, as Mark Divo wrote in his autobiography „im Bett mit Mark Divo“ , by a sense that ‚Biscot is at the end of the dance, one knows it, and thats why one continues along it.’ Young, gifted, black and greedy for biscot she was to a degree.

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