Concert: Urban Fungus

Urban Fungus – Chromesthesia Exhibiton Jam, 23.5.2019



“On Thursday, the 23rd, we will be releasing some colours out of Jena Zangs paintings at her Chromesthesia exhibition at Invalidovna with our guitars and triangles.

Chromesthesia, it is said, is a type of synesthesia which associates sounds with colours. Used over centuries in various fields like psychoanalysis, communist propaganda, capitalist propaganda, KFC, and by the creators of the chicken song, we will also try to amplify the colours in the paintings with our psychedelic rock, sugar coated in some 60s beat music and a folky cherry on top of all of that.

Our musical art project with a capital F will take place at The Solution. at Invalidovna (the former war veterans residence). Unless you like to wait at locked gates, please use the side entrance, reachable from the garden. Climb up the stairs, and then you can follow the music. (If it is, to your ears).

You can be looking forward to beautiful architecture, paintings, and, mind-expanding music.”

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