„Sukabljat’“ – Viktoria Shcherbak and Matous Valchar

«Viktoriia Shcherbak and Matous Valchar make art easy» as the graffiti in the subway toilet once put it. Exactly this is the challenge of Viktoriia Shcherbak and Matous Valchar’s art as it explores the fertile and shallow grounds both separating and unifying “art” and “easy”. What may seem easy, is in reality a risky and virtuous balancing act with one foot potentially stuck in the mud. Viktoriia Shcherbak and Matous Valchar master it to perfection, theirs is a performance in style, and ultimately an exercise in comedy and tragedy. They has produced a large and multiform body of work, which is light, enchanting – and always “something else” too. They met in the early 2017 at the infamous Film club at Legerova. They dissected the culture of “white trash and hard drugs” creating a portrait of the state of czech youth. What now looks like a prescient analysis, became a sensation and led to a show at the solution. 

All this appears to be a perfect fit for the solution, and it is. First of all, Viktoriia Shcherbak and Matous Valchar: „Sukabljat’ „ is a classic two person exhibition with works spanning from 2016 to 2017. It introduces the russian and czech artist’s multifaceted practice including painting, sculpture, drawing, performative events, zines, everyday objects, woodcuts, and animated films. The Visitors become part of a larger project of painting and sculpture referring to the late capitalist reality of youthful abandon called “Super sleva,“ and pays homage to the very human schism between the individual and the group. A lightning system was improvised for the installation at the solution, as all walls and the entire ceiling have been freshly whitewashed for „Sukabljat’“. 

Just as people might choose to see an exhibition, they might visit a living room like the solution for varying reasons: One may want to enjoy silence, look at architecture and art, find solace, be part of a community, enter into contact with the spiritual or communicate with Mark Divo. For this reason,the show „Sukabljat’“is more than an exhibition, and more than a living room. It is a community space very much inspired by Mark Divo’s colletion of rubbish , which he installed again and again in lieu of an art exhibition. Yet, it is also more than a community space, it is a center for grass root education as well. 

mark divo

zine MF014zine MF013zine MF015


“You saying no, me saying yeah, what does it mean? Jack shit.”

In my opinion, this verse by czech poet James Cole best captures the concept of ‘SUKABLJAT’, a collective exhibition by Matouš Valchář and Viki Shcherbak.

The exposition is a large collage, consisting of several paintings by Viki and many multi-colored prints of a relatively large linocut, one that I created years ago as my graduation piece.

Back then, the picture had a somewhat clear – even though a little primitive – message. The assigned theme was ‘Apocalypse’ and me, in those days a christian, took Chapter 5 of Book Of Revelations (aka The Apocalypse) and drew more or less the scene as it is described, simply adding references to my then highschool life.

At that time, I made five prints in black color only. Now, five years later, during which I abandoned the christian way of thinking, I made more than 20 prints in different colors, cut up the complex picture to fragments and used in a completely new, solely visual manner. Exhibition connection with Viki is purely random to. This connection doesnt come from any similarity in theme or style. So, I think it very well sits in the concept of pure bullshit.

I’m not asking about the meaning of human life or the principles of the universe anymore. I saw things that made me sure it is not necesary. To find the truth is likely impossible and besides, I got better things to do. Often all that is needed is gazing upon a landscape. Spinning like a caleidoscope…

(Text by Matouš Valchář)

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