Fotoessay on the solution / dadaist seminar’s old space in Žižkov

this photoessay shows some memories to most of the events that took place and what was happening at the solution during the last month: the F O R M A T (2)-series, an exhibition by Mark Divo, an intervention by Nikola Emma Ryšavá and Milica Mijajlović, A Sunday Show by Radio Punctum, Alienist / Talk like an Alien as well as a photo exhibition by Katja Müller, Stan Gomov, Anna Pavel, Mascha Breuer and Isabell Alexandra M. 
We are currently looking for a new space, due to closing the space at Bořivojova 70,  Praha 3 – Žižkov after the 18.1. In between ‘the solution’ will continue at Vinohradska 122.





the solution lukas.jpg

marius methadon.jpg


mark und katja.jpg

the solution.jpg

marius und jeronimo.jpg



dark solution.jpg

(photographs by Isabell Alexandra M. ( ), Jack Laing Aiken ( ) & Noemi Liborová.

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