YOUTH: ABOUT ORDINARY HEDONISTS AND DECADENT REBELS – photo exhibition :8. 1. – 18. 1. 18

YOUTH: ABOUT ORDINARY HEDONISTS AND DECADENT REBELS – a photo exhibition by Mascha Breuer, Stan Gomov, Katja Müller, Anna Pavel and Isabell Alexandra M.

The group – exhibition took place from 8. 1. – 18. 1. 18 and was daily opened / Mo-Fr /  from 12:30 to 20:00h.  It was curated by Katja Müller and Isabell Alexandra M. (contact: or


Youth is an important period for individuals developing their own character. The state of struggling between cultural standards and breaking out of the existing systems triggers a constant motion in the process of change in adolescence’s cultural environment. Personal experience depends on an individual’s cultural norms and traditions, while the younger generation is already used to dealing with the global overflow of information. In an attempt to create their own independent mindset and perspective on the world, youth are swiftly overcoming former cultural stereotypes.

In the shown exhibition five emerging photographers create a very personal, visually heterogeneous, intercultural approach to their own generation, which is torn between aiming for ecstasy of happiness and the attempt to protest against the present norms in society.

As every generation the ‚millennials’ long for the ultimate experience and consumption of life. However, due to the abundance of information and opportunity, this is expressed in a more excessive way than probably any generation before: floating through both night and day, perceiving the hedonist’s rush and therefore they could be seen as entitled. But at the same time, there is a growing urge to take responsibility to improve the world, occurring in the form of protest, riots or simply self-expression. Nowadays’ youth consists of a variety of strong individuals and diverse characters in search of acceptance, consciousness, self-realization and struggling to find their place in society – or rather not?

taken during vernissage joined by an empty GT.jpg



The Vernissage on the 8.1.18 was supported by DJ Schaumstoff and Raleigh (Harmony Rec.) playing records all night long.


















The Finissage, including the exhibition’s catalog release and an artist’s commentary took place on the 17.1.


The catalog is designed by Katja Müller and includes each of the 5 displayed photo-projects.






17-18,01 Portra+2003.jpg

17-18,01 Portra+2011.jpg

Photos and texts by Isabell Alexandra M. (,  Katja Müller ( and Jack Laing Aiken (

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