The very last event at the solution / dadaists seminar at Bořivojova 70, took place at the 18. 1.18. After sustaining ‘The Solution / Dadaistisches Seminar’ for nearly two years at Žižkov, the doors of the gallery were closed for ever. From now on, the solution will continue exhibiting at Mark Divo’s flat at Vinohradska 122.


The evening started with the  screening of  ‚Czech-Tekk‘ by Rozálie Kohoutová and Jakub Hradilka – the documentary about what was the most important European freetekno festival back in the nineties and early 2000s. Rozálie Kohoutová and Jakub Hradilka offer in their film a vivid insight on the craziness of those years, built from memories of those who lived them and unique footage from the era.

C Z E C H T E K (2017)

The early 90s were a confusing and turbulent era in Europe. After falling, the Iron Curtain dragged with it the Soviet occupation of many Central and Eastern European countries and the stiff boundaries that characterized it. Thus, a new concept of freedom arose: everything was possible in a land in which nobody knew how the limits should be drawn, what to allow or what to ban.

Such climate attracted the attention of French and British ‘Tekno’ scene, squatters and free parties that, after the repressive intervention of the police in their native countries, decided to move East. In the summer of 1994, the first edition of the Czechtek was organized in Hostomice, leading its success to multiple retakes in the following years. The Czechtek “illegal” open parties were the largest festival of the so-called freetekno scene in Central Europe, some say the world, alluring tens of thousands of people to the Czech meadows and forests with the only intention to celebrate their youth and freedom.

An episode of brutality put an end to this in 2005. The festival was cracked down by the police shortly after it started in a repressive action that resulted in hundreds of injuries and the death of one participant. Such display of violence was understood as an attempt of the newly established state to assert its dominance and make an exercise of power. The ravers were victimized because, as the Prime Minister Jiří Paroubek stated, they were “not dancing children but dangerous people”.


The screening was followed by the closing-party ‚ bye-bye to the dadaist seminar‘, surrounded with a Dj set by fleika  (Polygon). Showing his devotion to acidic, deep and hypnotic sounds, Prague-based techno head fleika stayed on the decks for an extended set.


Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-26 um 00.16.19.png

17-18,01 Portra+2018.jpg

Photos and texts by Isabell Alexandra M. ( and Jack Laing Aiken (

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