16.11. / 23. 11. : F O R M A T (2) – Audivisual performances

In November 2017 an ongoing project, which was lately founded by Isabell Alexandra M. and Marius Houschyar Friedrich was taking place at the solution:

F O R M A T  (2) is a series of events focusing on the presentation of intermedia projects as well as the intercultural collaboration between Czech and German based artists. In essence, the main idea of this concept is the support of young, upcoming artists and their intercultural exchange in the process of creation.

Each event is designed as a vernissage of an audiovisual room installation that is changing its atmosphere and aura with the new set up of the space and its occurrence in visuals, lights and auditive arts for just this one evening.


The first, still quite experimental trials of the F O R M A T (2) events can be described and illustrated by the texts and some photographs in the following.



Hoff – 16.11.2017

The opening on the 16.11.17 consisted in showing the unique space it-self including different types of artworks: large wallpaper graphics and sculptures created by Mark Divo, and an audiovisual live presentation by Lukas Echterhoff, who created something new out of the special atmosphere of the place.



Besides his DJ Gigs in Cologne, Berlin and recently in Prague, Lukas Echterhoff alias Hoff is the founder of ‘NEUES FLEISCH‘, which is a series of parties and upcoming audiovisual events in Cologne. His project covfefes on ecletic, electronic music played by interesting artists whose sound would’t easily fit into other contexts.


A/V performance by Marius Houschyar Friedrich – 23.11.2017


On the 23.11.17 Marius Houschyar Friedrich, currently studying  in the Carsten Nicolai class of the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden and also known as the Co-founder of Hardware performed his lately created  Live-Set ‚DAS KÄLTESTE BETT IM PARADIES’ (the coldest bed in paradise).

His A/V-performance was also shown at the opening of the MONITOR project room (run by the alva noto), which is part of the CYNETART – Enlightenment for the Nerd Festival for computer based arts. This time Houschyar’s performance was surrounded by a Jam Session together with Le Gaspard De La Nuit aka L’Homme Sauvage, Anna Duale (Amfiteátr_17) and some of the finest records played by DJ Schaumstoff.




In his wide ranging fields of interest Houschyar focuses on music besides light and video installations. Inspired by artists like Holger Hiller, Michael Kemmner, Craig Leon und Nitzer Ebb his sound looses itself in humming EBM Basslines and metallic industrialbeats, accompanied by narratives and lost conversational fragments. Through his experiment with language, environment and time, as he in his characteristic manner says‚new perceptions are won, thoughts are injected and memories get deleted‘.



The visual part was displayed on two small retro TVs connected to a live projecting videotape-camera which was recording the movements of the audience and  also depicting the sound in its waves due to the connection between the camera and his electronic instruments.




(texts by Isabell Alexandra M. in collaboration with the artists; photographs by Jack Laing Aiken and  Isabell Alexandra M., 2017)

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