exhibition: the museum of coexistence – 15th October

The museum of coexistence at the dadaist seminar

The museum of coexistence is a so called inhabited sculpture curated by the team of the solution.The inhabited sculpture consists of art pieces placed next to second hand furniture and all kinds of found objects.The Installation is based on the idea of instantistic collective art, which has been developed by Mark Divo and his various associates around the world, since the mid 1990s, and its also a reference to art salons of the 19th century.
In October and November 2016 the solution will invite a series of local and international artists to show and produce in this environment.The invited artists will work for at least five days within the space to realize their project, at the end of each exhibition we will leave parts of the artworks on the walls.The next artist will then add their art, and the expanding installation, in the end the entire shop will be filled up with one large installation that has been created by all the artists.
On weekends concerts, performances,talks and all kinds of artistic interventions will take place within the exhibition.During the week the shop will be used as a open workshop by the visiting artists and the team of the solution.

event: https://www.facebook.com/events/324800024550009/

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