Concert: Grady Roper – 17th October

Hailing from central Texas, Attic Ted is an interactive musical performance artist playing weirdo gothic carnival musical theater, creepy and funny, utilizing cardboard constructed masks, to create a visual experience compounding the quirky bizarro pop music into a surrealist dream. Using an old Hammond Organ for bass and rhythm loops, then adding live distorted electric guitar, Casio melody twists, clarinet, strange noises, characters telling stories,,, Attic Ted creates a multi media overload of post modernism. Maybe you will feel like dancing. Maybe you will want to hide in the shadows. Attic Ted has released 10 albums and singles over the past 15 years, everything self released thru Pecan Crazy Records, and has toured the USA extensively and more recently a few times in central Europe. This will be the first time in eastern Europe, touring from Berlin to Istanbul, October 13 – 26, 2016. New album free listens and downloads here: /react-text


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