Treehouse festival: 21st – 23rd July

Dear friends of fine Art,

the treehouse festival is organized by Jakub Nepraš ( ) and takes place in the surreal setting of a treehouse, which has been growing  as a nearly organic and natural construction over more than twenty years.

Theme of the party is “Karneval”, so everyone is asked to dress up at least 90% of the body. The Aim is to change and mix up identities to create another free horizon of selfexpression and experience of oneself and the collective dynamic in that extraordinary space.

“The Solution”/ “Divo stan” presents a tent at the entrance with another surreal trash landscape and a wardrobe to dress up in costumes and even create costume on your own. Furthermore there is a costume workshop with Linda Mikolášková & team and a bar in the tent.

Preparation of costumes
dj set Owen boys

18:00-fanatic organ – mnml intelligent dogs live techno set
20:00-DJ Igor Korpaczewski
21:00 – hiphop ritual performance by Shaman Dick
22:00-Michal Cimala talk
23:00-DJ Sedlon + Saxophonist Phillip Markes
01:00 – JTNB + dj set
03:00-DJ by bløødy rag€dy
04:30 – dj Sinnnan – polygon
08:00 – Standa Abraham – ambient set

21:00 – Hidden Orchestra – secret-hidden koncert
23:00-DJ Pierre
24:00-DJ Floex (and we’re going to punch)

Divo stan – chillout, make up stage
Friday – the syndicate
Saturday – edosh
Dj Dan Gonzalez and many more

Fallow deer
Friday, Saturday-18:00-21:00
Shamanic journey would radim labuda


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