Dadalog nr. 2 – 20th May-1st June

Dear Friends of the fine arts,
Please join us for the opening of the exhibition of San Keller and Milan Mikulastik on Friday may the 20th at 18:00.

18;00 Opening
19:00 speach by Mark Divo
21:00 Miki DJ

San Keller

San Keller, who was born in Bern 1971, is one of the most important Swiss artists of today. Indeed, his participatory and ephemeral actions, as well as his poetic, humorous and utterly singular objects gained have gained him an outstanding reputation not only in his own country, but also abroad. Ever since he entered the scene in the middle of the 1990s, appearing on Swiss Television, for example, sleeping on the floor during the news report, or his international appearances, at the Sharjah Biennale in 2005 – he has been producing a critical, conceptual and playful oeuvre that takes a very special approach to relating art and life.
His actions start off with contractual arrangements that set up the rules for his works, which follow their own playful logic and bespeak a certain, if intelligent, absurdity. The artist quite intentionally makes use of very simple objects and means: this ranges from old shoes to cheap plastic chairs, pitta breads, dust, stones, air and human beings, to songs he plays from records and tapes, words and sentences he creates himself or steals from others. All these things are carefully selected and arranged to fit the according works. For the exhibition in Prague San Keller will be making the performance “Two at four five”.

Milan Mikulastik

Curator and artits Milan Mikulastik (* 1979) studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts VUT Brno and at the Academy of Fine Artsin Prague.His art consists of videoes, installations,and photographs . In 2003 he was a founding member of the art- activist group Guma Guar . His works have been shown within many group shows within the Czech Republic and abroad,such as in Slovakia , Switzerland , Sweden , USA , Belgium and Great Britain . He had countless solo exhibitions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia .His show in the dadaist seminar will feature his newest finding about the mysterious Makapansgat pebble.Her is what the artist has to say about this project:
“I realised to spread the fame of Makapansgat pebble, because I think it is not appreciated enough in art history, media and discourse in general. Maybe its because of its unpronounceable name. It is necesarry to think about this important object as the oldest representation of human face, the oldest proof of aesthetic thinking, first ready-made and the very first smiley. That is why I founded this fan page for Makapansgat pebble, where also guests can contribute.”




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