concert: lotta sleeps – 6th May

– lotta sleeps – at The Solution

Entry: tba
Entrance: 8 pm
Concert: 9:45 pm

The concert is in the new “Dadaist Seminar”
Afterwards there will be a little Aftershow-Party with a DJ.

Since we are so pleased to play in Prague we give a second concert on our “Are you one of them?” – Tour 2016 there.

lotta sleeps (DD)
[Folk, Post-Rock]

What began in 2012 as a singer-songwriting duo has now grown into a group of six seasoned musicians playing a full range of instruments from violin, mandolin, and guitar, to banjo, trumpet and cigarbox dobro. The Dresden-based group’s recently added members have breathed new life as well as an eclectic new influence into the music, drawing inspiration from folk, indie-rock, and post-rock to create a sound that walks a thin line between gentle abstraction to focused outbursts of emotion and energy. The formula seems to be working, as their two tours and busy festival season from 2015 have left audiences hungry for more. From humble beginnings to recent rebirth, the band’s new album ‘Are You One of Them?’ has the potential to become the sleeper hit of 2016.

Listen to our new record on:


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