Discussion: LET’S MAKE A BUNNY projection + AID KID DJ SET – 21st April

Let’s Make A Bunny is a short experimental film made by Hannah Saleh. Film is trying to explore new perspective on art-therapy as well as its benefits for clients.

Camera: Tomáš Slavík / www.tomasslavik.cz
Editor: Ilona Malá
Illustrations: Lucie Šatková / eyeej
Music: Aid Kid
Graphic Design: Ondřej Gerik

The projection will be followed by discussion with Tereza Silon, an artist and a multidisciplinary researcher of a human experience. She is interested in questions of arts in social context, as well as gender, ‘race’, ability as socially constructed indicators of power and agency. She has worked with artists with learning disabilities. In 2014 she submited her disertation on the topic ‘An Interdiscoursive Game on Un-diagnosing Art; Race, Gender and Disability as discriminative apparatuses in the art of Arthur Bispo do Rosario and Judith Scott’ at SOAS, university of London.

Website: https://terezasilon.com/

Aid Kid, promising Czech music producer (and author of the music), will play DJ set until all attendings are adequatly K.O.






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