Concert: Scenes from Salad ( fr ) andcl – 24th March

Scenes from Salad ( chateau Rouge )

_logical suite de Black Lagoya (solo noise) and Bülanz Orgabar ( torturing trio)
SfS is somewhere entre Morton Subotnick, Regression, Ultra Red and Bogdan Raczynski. ( for poetry )
Also occurs in Black Henri Leconte (with Sobac and Hanff) K7 Straub (with Erik Minkkinen and Andy Bolus) frgttn (w / City Dragon ) Molière (w / Hendrik Hegray) improvise. may be cheating. new lounge musique( NLM ). ideally divided.
Dictaphone, looper, toy, oscis, 1 tremolo, plastic, mic.
Povera, ( filled ) holes and stained at once. Invested, physically.
Also part time videast as Alex Va et Jean Charles Delarue.
Promoter de French deposit série, gigs here in Paris who s recently hosted Die Reihe, Evil Moisture, Max Eibacher, Arno Bruil, Jean Ray, oMMM, Z.B Aids, Macon & andcl. His label is oh my world. Fresh.


andcl ( Pantin )

Romain Hamard is a French visual artist, videast and performer
His work has been shown mostly in Europe, and more recently in Lebanon. Under the name andcl,
he explores the potentialities of computer music since 2008.
His sonic work could be described as minimalist but dense.
Each performance flows into versatile yet hypnotic drones progressively led to their dilatation, revealing their structures into abstract clouds fed by asmr sounds, spoken texts and high definition recordings.




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